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The Orthodox Christian Youth Movement

Orthodox Christian Youth Movement of India, the youth wing of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, was started with the objectives of "worship, study, and service. It is in its 77th year of active leadership and Christian witness in the Church and society. It contributes to the goodness and progress of the Church and community and aims to mould the minds and visions of the youth against the background of the contemporary issues. 

Martha Mariam Vanitha Samaajam

St. Mary’s Women’s Martha Mariam Vanitha Samajam which is the Women’s Association of Orthodox Syrian church was started in 1928. It is a vibrant association of women coming together and praying in intercession with the holy and ever virgin saint, Mary the mother of our God. 'Martha' is the feminine form of 'Mar' which means Saint in Syriac language. So, Martha Mariam Samajam association is named after St. Mary.

Akhila Malankara Orthodox Shusrushaka Sangham

AMOSS is a movement working towards moulding people who have God's grace, dedication, who follow spiritual and sacramental life, and who have wordly experience reside as servants in the sacramental service of the holy church.

It trains the attendants to practice the holy church's traditions and rituals with meaning and value and also gives instruction to the altar boys of all the parishes in the Malankara Church to make uniformity in the worship of the church and to serve systematically. 

Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM)

Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM) is the student wing of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The students and senior leaders of our church who were residing in Madras (Chennai), India in the early part of this century felt the need for an organization to bring together our students in various colleges and high schools with a view to deepening their spiritual life and to create in them a livelier sense of fellowship

Sunday School

Sunday school is the place to teach the importance of the Orthodox Faith to our children and teens. This spiritual organization is functioning in all the parishes of the Orthodox Church throughout the world. The purpose of Sunday school is to teach our children, how to live in Orthodox faith. Here, children are taught the Holy Bible and Tradition, which provides a strong Christian foundation for them to go out into the world and share their faith and do good works.

Senior Citizens Forum

The Senior Citizens Forum is a charity fellowship service and the object of this association is that every member of the Church should be a witness to Jesus Christ whatever his occupation may be.


The members of the Senior Citizens Forum meet once in a month in the church after the Holy Qurbana to deliberate on charity works and social services, fellowship and Bible study, intercessory prayer and sharing experiences. They extend their help for various services of the Parish. The forum requests all the Senior citizens to take active participation in all the activities. 

Malankara Orthodox Choir Association (MOCA)

Malankara Orthodox Choir Association (MOCA), the Central Organization of all the music groups of the Malankara Orthodox Church was started in 1994 with the objective of bringing uniformity in worship, and to impart awareness regarding worship through music. Our church choir has given its maximum efforts to make the worship more celestial and divine. 

Prayer Groups 

Prayer is an integral part of true Christian living, which requires us to live according to Kingdom of God. Prayer is a personal experience and intimate connection with our loving Heavenly Father. The Prayer groups at the SMS Orthodox  Church, Pune, are well established and have been functioning for some  time now. The Prayer Groups are currently organized into Eight broad areas with their own coordinators. 

(Theological Education
Programme for the Laity) 

Divyabhodhanam is a distant education programme for theological studies instituted by the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. It is a self-study programme for all irrespective of age and gender difference. The Theological Seminary, Kottayam provides the course material and conducts the assement work in 3 types of courses.

1. 2 year certificate course - Proficiency in Orthodox Christian Education (POCE)

2. 2 year diploma course - Diploma in Orthodox Christian Education (DOCE)

3. 3 year graduate course - Graduation in Orthodox Christian Education (GOCE)

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